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>No. READ THE RFC. "Region" type subtags only handle areas identified by 
>either UN M.49 or ISO 3166-1. This is a historical (but useful) curiosity 
>of language tags. Identifying language variations by regional affinity on, 
>for example, a sub-national level is possible and useful: the subtag type 
>for this, however, is called a 'variant'.
>>NOTE: The main reason I request this sub-tag, is no other that to insert
>>the language "Valencian" in the options of the browsers in order to serve
>>the homepage of (www.aeat.es or www.agenciatributaria.es) in the suitable
>>language to the users since their first access. At the moment it can be
>>helped for spanish, galician, catalan and valencian (baske in a future).
>Spanish, Galician, Catalan/Valencian, and Basque all have primary language 
>subtags. Note that the tag 'ca' has two descriptions: "Catalan" and 
>"Valencian". Your problem is to differentiate 'ca'==Catalan from 

Thanks, Addison, I do support a tag for Valencian; it makes perfect sense; 
but now have to say that   you all are right in saying we need to follow the 
RFC rules and use a variant here, whether the rules are rigid or not.
>>supose that a "variant language" wouldn't appear in the list of the
>>browsers, so for our purpose it would be useless. Please let me know if 
>Language tags that include a variant subtag may indeed appear in a 
>browser's list of languages. You would have to get the browser vendor to 
>include it, of course. But the first step is to register the necessary 
>subtag, making the tag you want legal. Users can also add the tag manually.
>One of the points of switching to a subtag registry from the former tag 
>registry is that almost no implementations supported registered tags. Now, 
>with the subtag registry, it is much more likely that your registered 
>(variant) subtag will be supported--since the work necessary to support it 
>is much reduced.

Thanks for the info; hope this is the case in the future, that more subtags 
are supported by more browsers!

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