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Perhaps there are different Breton dialects of French (just as there  
are different Irish dialects of English), but Breton is a distinct  
language in and of itself (which is very distantly related to Irish  
and totally different from French).

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On 20 Jan 2007, at 21:19, scríobh CE Whitehead:

>> ...
> it can also indicate a relation between French and various Creoles/ 
> dialects; the issue comes when we look at dialects in the South  
> like Provencal, Occitan, which are in some ways closer to Catalan  
> (a dialect of Spain and Andorras too, Andorrras I think has been  
> overlooked by the ca tag, but that is another issue)  and to  
> Galllego (a dialect of Portugal?); and then at a dialect of the  
> North, Breton, which is also classified as Celtic.

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