Reshat Sabiq's requests for two Tatar orthographic variants

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Reshat Sabiq (Reşat) yazmış:
> John Cowan yazm1_:
>> Michael Everson scripsit:
>>> Is Jangalif the same as "New Turkic Alphabet"?
>> Essentially.  The term "Jangalif" is specific to Tatar (it's short for
>> Janga Tatar \Aelifbas\i), and it predates the extension to other Turkic
>> languages by about two years, 1927-1929.
> I do think "predates" part is accurate. 
I meant: I do NOT think "predates" part is accurate.

> The entire NTA stems from 1926
> conference in Baku. I don't know if voting the wrong way in that
> conference meant being sent where the sun doesn't shine, or shines way
> too much, but that's the starting point, i believe. So i think janalif
> is a derivative of NTA, and not the other way around. It appears there
> was an experiment (as in not put into a law, and implemented on a mass
> scale) a couple years before 1926, but it involved an alphabet that has
> some difference from janalif, and it's not referred to as janalif.
>> IMHO, a subtag based on "New Turkic Alphabet" should be registered,
>> usable for any of the Soviet Turkic orthographies of the 1930s.
> That (or a variation thereof) would be what i'd vote for.


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