Reshat Sabiq's requests for two Tatar orthographic variants

CE Whitehead cewcathar at
Sun Jan 7 22:26:13 CET 2007

I can second your request for

"two Tatar orthographic variants"
"iqtelif and janalif"

if that is just what you want, and
if I know whether these are variants of the script or the language.
I think they are of the former category (script).


">In the narrow sense, jangalif refers to Qazan Tatar orthography of late 
>and 1930s. In the wide sense, some sources uses it to mean Unified
>Turkic Alphabet of that time. I'm not sure if the latter is appropriate"

So is janalif going to just refer to Qazan Tatar orthography of the late 
1920s and 1930s?  You should decide yourself what is most appropriate.

That is:
If the tag is for a script variant,
* is it or is it not specific to Tatar?
* or is it for the moment specific to Tatar,
* or is IETF is to decide whether it is specific to Tatar?
I think that should be your call not ietf's!

">Well, you have 2 requests: one for iqtelif, and another for orthography
>of late 1920s and 1930s (ussrlatn, or janalif, or whatever you decide)."

I would hope you would decide whether the second requested tag to be 
"ussrlatn" or "janalif" (applying to tt only? is that what it will be the 
script for?  I gather yes; that's good and specific!! otherwise if it has a 
wider application we need to know the tags of all other languages and 
variants it will apply to; we can always add more of those too if you do not 
get them all now).
I'll be happy with either ussrlatn or janalif but want to make sure exactly 
what it will refer to.  So I can support either in this case, but want you 
to list the variants it will apply to.

"per-language (janalif for tt, canalip for kk, year for others)"
I cannot vote for using the year for unspecified variants.

"The only thing about ussrlatn request
>is to decide what the variant should be named, and what languages it
>should apply to, and i've listed the categories of possible choices to
>organize the options:
>1) per-language (janalif for tt, canalip for kk, year for others)
>2) one variant for all Turkic languages: i'm going to make it easy for
>you and remove the variance from 2) by suggesting the following variant
>for all Turkic languages:
>3) one variant for all 70 languages: i suggested ussrlatn, and there was
>another suggested form of ussr1928."

Now we have more requests.

So you've left me confused; here I am supporting the two initial requests 
but I see that one of the variant subtags (janalif or ussrlatn or ussr 1928) 
is supposed now to be for all 70 languages.  This looks like a change to 
your original request, in that now you are asking it to apply to all 
I guess then list the tags it applies to; I will support it then.

If option three is the option you want!

Ditto for option 2--list all Turkic languages that you at the moment want 
NTA to apply to.

As I've said though I cannot support an unspecified "year for others" in 
option 1 though I can support the other two tags.


And I hope you will decide whether you want me to support option 1, 2, or 3, 
or a combination because I cannot decide which is best; I am not a speaker 
of these languages.

Thanks for understanding.  So don't inundate me with options, decide which 
is the best; I am sympathetic to your request but want you to tell me what 
option to support.  (Maybe other members of the group feel otherwise I don't 
know but that is how I feel at least!  And as you see, I've just sent the 
options back to you to choose from.)

--C. E. Whitehead
cewcathar at

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