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Mon Feb 19 18:34:34 CET 2007

Gabriel Babiano <GBH00998 at correo dot aeat dot es> wrote:

> could you please inform me about the state of this request and next 
> steps to be taken?

I support this subtag, but I'm still concerned about including the name 
of the language in four separate translations.  I understand that 
"valencià" is the native name for the language and that it is spoken 
alongside French- and Spanish-speaking communities, but I'm not 
convinced that capturing all these names is one of our objectives.  We 
don't current list German, Deutsch, allemand, alemán, tedesco, nemetsky, 

Is there a context in which the English term "Valencian" would not 
adequately identify the meaning of the subtag, in a way that is 
different from the hundreds of other subtags in the Registry?

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