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> > Agreed, it is here a Macro-language that would include Creole
> > languages like "Tok Pisan" with English, Middle English, Scots,
> > would come in.
>This is absolutely abusing macrolanguage as defined and intended for use in 
>ISO 639-3. There is no scenario I can think of in which users would want to 
>consider resources in English (i.e. what I'm writing in) and Tok Pisin 
>resources as being in the same language. That's just silly.

I have not studied Tok Pisin, and I can read it easily!!

for example.

But I've read whole texts; it's more accessible than Old English I think!  
Though I've studied that.  (once)

--C. E. Whitehead
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>You folk could as readily discuss what parts of the colour space "Red" 
>should encompass, but for anyone to suggest that this coded symbol in HTML 
>can be used for anything other than #FF0000 would be ridiculous. This 
>discussion is starting to strike me as similar to that.
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