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Wed Feb 14 21:06:57 CET 2007

>On 2/13/07, Debbie Garside <debbie at ictmarketing.co.uk> wrote:
>>My personal opinion is that ISO 639-3 subtags cover the "whole language" 
>>described; all of the language, every part of the language, written and
>>spoken and... historical.  Even when there is an ISO 639-3 historical 
>>that covers part of it.
>As a user of en, enm and ang, I don't like that one bit. fr and en are
>more mutually intelligible then ang and en, and I don't see any use in
>labelling ang as en. Furthermore, if ang can validly be labeled en, it
>can also be validly labeled sco, adding another layer of complexity.
>Can la really be tagged as any Romance language? Can dum (Middle
>Dutch) be tagged as af (Afrikaans)? Can 17th century Dutch be tagged
>as af (Afrikaans)?

Hi, I think we can tag moyen francais as French and Middle English as 
I am not sure we can tag Old English as English (why is it not Danish?).

But anyway the issue is comprehensibility to a native speaker.

(I am not sure about French and English comprehensibility.  It depends on 
familiarity, on the use of Latinate vocabulary, many things.
Old English is not that tough when you get accustomed to it.
"we" is still 'we,' for example.  but my Old English is rusty.

In Old French in "La Chanson de Roland" the word "noise" was used for the 
modern French word "bruit" --which means 'noise' in English.  And yes there 
was a huge exchange of vocabulary during the many wars.)
>>Inform proposers of such variants
>>that ISO 639-6 is currently being designed and if the need is not urgent
>>delay until ISO 639-6 is published.
>It's one thing to wait for ISO 639-3, which is clearly available in a
>late draft, but something that is "currently being designed" is not
>something I feel it's reasonable to expect people to wait for.
(If we knew what was going to be in ISO 639-6 it would help.)
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