Macrolanguages, countries & orthographies

CE Whitehead cewcathar at
Tue Feb 13 21:22:29 CET 2007

>>I wonder if there is, or is going to be, a public forum to discuss ISO
>>639-3 and its structure and policies.  This list really isn't it; we
>>take what the external standards give us, and synthesize and arrange.
>>We don't directly influence what the external standards do, though there
>>are list members who can do so indirectly.
>That would be very useful. We are very dependent on the interpretation of
>the codes. In particular, there is a key item that we need a response for,
>and that is the temporal scope of ISO language codes. For example, we have
>french broken up into fr, frm, and fro, plus various creoles. So  tagging
>old French data with fr is incorrect, and requesting a variant subtag to
>apply to fr to indicate French of say (1100-1200) is out of scope and will
>be legitimately rejected.
>For most other languages, on the other hand, we do not have that 
>So that means what a document that is tagged with cs (Czech) represents is
>completely unspecified. We do not know what the !#$@ to do with a request.
>We are faced with an unknown situation which the ISO committee doesn't
>respond to.


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