Last Call: draft-mcwalter-langtag-mib (Language Tag MIB)toProposed Standard

CE Whitehead cewcathar at
Mon Feb 12 20:52:00 CET 2007

Hi, Frank, all; my comments are below!
>CE Whitehead wrote:
> > My onle question related to section 3, paragraph 3; it may be a dumb
> > question, but, what does "This" refer to in line 2?  Thanks.
> > --cew
> >             In theory, BCP 47 language tags are of unlimited length.
> >             This language tag is of limited length.
>This "textual convention" for language tags as specified in the draft.
>I think, the "last call" got me to read RFC 2579.  But I've no idea
>how the announcemement ended up to be sent also to "this" list... :-)

You mean "this textual convention"  in the second paragraph below (exerpted 
from the beginning of the document?) :

"This document is part of work in progress to obsolete RFC 2932
   [RFC2932].  RFC 2932 defined a LanguageTag textual convention, but
   did so at an inappropriately scope; namely in a MIB module specific
   to IPv4 multicast routing.

  " This draft aims to correct the structure of the MIB by placing this
   textual convention in a dedicated module that can be included without
   other dependencies."

Then I am still concerned at the language/syle in the McWalter document 

1.  "this textual convention" does not seem to be quite the same thing as 
"this language tag"
2.  Even if I'm wrong and these two phrases are quite the same, it's been a 
while since "this textual convention was referred to"-- and thus it's 
unclear here that it's now referring to the textual convention specified in 
this draft and not to something else.

(when I taught I would not let my students refer to anything outside of the 
text unless it was very obvious;
nor would I let them refer to something more than one paragraph back without 
specifying it exactly again

I thus wonder how you all figured out what "this language tag" was referring 

But like I said the material in this particular draft is not my area of 

anyway my comment is about style not about content!  I defer to you all on 
the content)

* * *
I think the announcement was sent to this list too because it deals with the 
internet protocols for handling the language tags???  Things that use the 
protocols include implementations that use language tags??  (?? such as 
browsers which select content according to user preferences and which also 
display conent; also ?? search engines?? )

So we are concerned because we approve the subtags that make up the 
well-formed language tags??

But I'm unsure because this is all pretty new to me.  Anyone else can maybe 
explain better why this was sent to us all here.

--C. E. Whitehead
cewcathar at


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