Reshat Sabiq's requests for two Tatar orthographic variants

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Fri Feb 2 22:08:11 CET 2007

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>Michael Everson yazmış:
> > Reshat,
> >
> > Please list, exhaustively, all of the languages which use Jangalif.
> >
> > Thanks.
>It appears the most appropriate thing to do in terms of 1930s Latin
>alphabet, is to register NTA as a variant for the following languages,
>with some others possibly to be added later, as needed:
>az, ba, crh, kk, krc, ky, sah, tk, tt, uz

O.k., +1 for NTA with the above prefixes (for the following languages:

Azerbaijani, Bashkir [Bashquort], Crimean Tatar, Kazakh, Karachay-Balkar, 
Kyrgyz, Yakut, Turkmen, Tatar, Uzbek)
>janalif is a Tatar-language name used for Tatar-specific version of NTA
>(essentially, the same set of letters as NTA, w/ one letter mapped to a
>different vowel in comparison to some other Turkic languages). One could
>also suggest that ba-specific version of NTA was derived from janalif
>(ba was a dialect of Tatar before 1923 based on some articles).

>possible, i suppose to register janalif as a subvariant of NTA for Tatar
>(and maybe also for Bashqort (Bashkir)), but i'm not sure if that is
>necessary. It may be an overkill, as it wouldn't make this much more
>informative, but would just look more familiar for Tatar users.

Thanks for the information about janalif and Tatar/Baskir.

(Alas, so far most people here seem to be mostly only worried about the 
subtags' being familiar to the software when software is finally developed 
that will handle the new subtags, and seem to be not very worried about the 
subtags' being familiar or easily used by HTML coders;
but if janalif maps letters differently then perhaps it would make sense to 
register it!)

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