Change to ISO 639-2 description (was: Our Annual Solstice Holiday)

Doug Ewell dewell at
Tue Dec 18 16:07:56 CET 2007

Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:

> As we did last year, this list will go on a Solstice holiday. I would 
> like NO DISCUSSION AT ALL ON ANY TOPIC from Friday 21 December to 
> Thurssday 27 December. Discussion may resume Friday 28 December.

The ISO 639-2/RA hasn't started their winter holiday yet, and they have 
announced a change: the name "Pashto" has been added (finally) to the 
existing code element formerly described as just "Pushto."

Here is a proposed record for the Registry that we can review over the 
nice, quiet Solstice holiday, so it can be approved after Michael comes 

Type: language
Subtag: ps
Description: Pushto
Description: Pashto
Added: 2005-10-16
Suppress-Script: Arab

Note that only the second Description field is new; the Suppress-Script 
is already there.

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