Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF or fr-ortograf

Michael Everson everson at
Mon Dec 17 07:09:11 CET 2007

At 20:41 -0500 2007-12-16, Mario Périard wrote:
>  >>> ubuntu takes curently iso-639-1 and 639-2, it is written black on
>>>>  white:
>  >>>
>My comment about iso-639-1 and 2 was an answer 
>to someone who pretend only iso-639-1 is valid 
>for Ubuntu. It is a little bit out of topic.

Your request stated:

>A new variant subtag of the french (fr) is now 
>necessary to facilitate the process of 
>localization in the new spelling

Since Ubuntu is clearly the primary vehicle for 
this, Your Reviewer rules against the request at 
this time.

1) the tag could not fulfil its purpose without 
external change elsewhere; you should secure that 
change first.

2) the tag is related to other closely linguistic 
entities and we have not heard from the other 

I'm rejecting the request because:

1) You should contact the people at 
and explain that you have special localization 
needs and that they need to take RFC 4646 into 
account and permit its tags to be used;

2) You should get support from the other users of related Ortograf tags

This is final. Come back when the pre-conditions 
have been fulfilled. And you are welcome to 
invite the Launchpad people to talk to us. It 
does seem to me that they should support these 
extended tags.
Michael Everson *

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