Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF or fr-ortograf ?)

Doug Ewell dewell at
Sat Dec 15 06:21:54 CET 2007

Caoimhín O Donnaile <caoimhin at> wrote:

> fr-ortograf  (=Any simplified/phonetic French spelling, present or 
> future)
> fr-ortograf-langevin
> fr-ortograf-periard
> fr-ortograf-rougglas
> ?
> (if it is felt desirable to get into that level of detail)

I also agree that this is the best approach.

Provided that it is deemed appropriate to register the subtag -- a 
question on which this e-mail does not take sides -- we should initially 
register only 'ortograf' on the basis of M. Périard's claim that his 
project and the others are "tending to merge" and could potentially use 
the same tag.  Then, if it turns out the two (or more) systems do need 
to be tagged separately, the additional "sub-variant" subtags could be 
added later.  Remove-from-right fallback, everybody's favorite matching 
strategy, would still result in "fr-ortograf" for both, which is better 
than "fr".

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