Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF or fr-ortograf ?)

Mark Crispin mrc at CAC.Washington.EDU
Fri Dec 14 20:32:25 CET 2007

On Fri, 14 Dec 2007, John Cowan wrote:
>>  fr-ortograf  (=Any simplified/phonetic French spelling, present or future)
>>  fr-ortograf-langevin
>>  fr-ortograf-periard
>>  fr-ortograf-rougglas
> That sounds very sensible to me.

I agree.  Being a non-Francophone, I assume that "ortograf" corresponds to 
the precise pronunciation of that word in French (or at least the majority 
dialects of French).

Assuming use of Latin values for the vowels, does the way that an 
Anglophone would say "ortograf" correspond reasonably closely to the 
majority-dialect French pronuncation?

The question here is whether some future simplified French spelling would 
choose some other spelling of the word as being more correctly 
corresponding to the precise pronuciation.  Is ortograf already at the 

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