Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF or fr-ortograf ?)

Mario Périard mario_periard at
Fri Dec 14 01:23:42 CET 2007

answers to some comments:

If you can read french there is a mother's testimony about her daughter (trisomic) who has never manage to learn to read until she learn  'ortograf alternativ' with books in this spelling, (there is an image of a book):

It is an article published in 'Le devoir', a major daily mewspaper in Montreal.

Sonia Rioux and Jacques Langevin (Université of Montréal) could certainly provide you more testimonies and books written in ortograf:
sonia.rioux at
jacques.langevin at


We need a real "public" subtag because it is required by many software translation teams (KDE, Gnome,Ubuntu... require IANA subtag or ISO 639-3)


Here you can read a paper prepared for The first International Conference on ICT & Accessibility (2007 in Tunisia) about results of the implantation of "ortograf alternativ":


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