Proposal for a subtag registration (fr-2004-ORTOGRAF or fr-ortograf ?)

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Tue Dec 11 01:35:34 CET 2007

Hi all:I do not think other orthographies will be spelled ortograf so I do not have a problem with ortograf;
but it's a good idea to resubmit the request since 2004-ortograf does not work out  (that's two subtags--no need for that).
Best wishes,
C. E. Whitehead
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From: debbie at

Other than the lack of evidence already mentioned by list members, I think a tag using "ortograf" would be a mistake.  Language and writing systems change and there is nothing to say that there will not be several different orthographies introduced over time.
As Frank has already mentioned, the sub-tag you have requested is not valid.  If you re-submit please try to think of a sub-tag that will better identify the entity with the above fact in mind.
Best regards

From: Mario Périard

I think that a clarification is required here. 
Ortograf is not the weird spelling of one person. It is even more a spelling standard of a small group. Actually there are several groups around the francophone world which support this way of writing fench. It is marginal yet, obviously, but it is used by a community. If we were "mainstream" we would already have our main code and a subtag would be useless. 
The group that I am spokesperson ( is a group that intend (among many things) to publicize the Ortograf standard for an usage between the "normal" population and people with language disabilities. 
People with language disabilities are currently "ghettoized". They don't have an easy access to a computer and Internet. It is probably the reason you do not find a huge amount of documents or web sites in Ortograf standard. I have already mentioned the sites and texts I know in Ortograf. There are for sure more sites and texts, I have discover another one by chance yesterday (
We want to break this isolation and develop (among many things) a localized version of Linux in Ortograf (under the code fr-ortograf or another). 
We can't create a translation team for localize LInux, Gnome, KDE... if we do not have an official language subtag. We have also developed a software (TRanskripter) to "translate" from standard spelling to Ortograf. We have already translated the book "le petit prince", you can reach it on the net, and we haves thousands of books (public domain) which are ready to be translated. 
We use the code "frm" on our site precisely because only official subtags are allowed by our content manager software. Since the subtag I suggested ('2004-ortograf') is not valid I suggest the subtag 'ortograf'. I can re-submit a registration form if it is required.
If you have any doubt on the seriousness or the international (francophone) scope of the Ortograf standard, I suggest you to contact other bodies that work around Ortograf:  
Groupe Défi apprentissage - Université de Montréal:Jacques Langevin chercheur ( jacques.langevin at )Sylvie Rocque - chercheure ( sylvie.rocque at )(This group produce books in Ortograf and offer suport to implement Ortograf in organizations) 
Groupe Ortograf-Europe:Louis Rougnon-Glasson - Président ( louis.rougnon-glasson at  
You can also contact all members of our Comité directeur (head executive comitee) Hans-Jurgen Kolbe - retired professor (hj.kolbe at Burté - orthophonist (b_marie_laure at Proulx-Beaudin - Computer science consultant (triladium at Auclair - Translator (silvano at Francoeur - retired teacher (michelle_frankoeur at 
Frankly, don't you think that a community of impaired people deserve a recognition as well as 2 or 3 scholars who study the spelling of a man, Jean Nicot, in the 16th century (frm-1606nict), futhermore if this recognition will be put an end to their isolation? You can make a difference to make theirs lives better. 
Thank you for all the time you spend in this proposal.
Mario Périard

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