Frank Ellermann nobody at
Sat Dec 8 23:11:00 CET 2007

Peter Constable was:

>>> I agree with Everson about +1 and -1.
>> Hey. Alvestrand. Why are you calling me by my surname?

> Can we agree that there are people from different
> cultures on this list and that, in different 
> English-speaking cultures, it is not uncommon practice
> to *refer* to a person by their surname, and that that
> is not considered offensive?

I'd consider it as offensive, Usenet tradition.  In fact
Michael was very upset when he got a "dear Michael" from
a person he doesn't like (until Harald explored one of
the really ugly RFCs to eliminate this problem).

It could be a joke, or a subtle flame about making a fuss
of "+1", a culturally neutral shorthand, still agreeing
that he also doesn't like "+1", but won't insist on it.
[more plausible guesses unrelated to this list removed]

> Can we also agree that, when people from different
> cultures on this list employ different conventions
> in referring to people, it is acceptable so long as it
> is not *culturally* offensive?

For people posting on this list for less than [insert
period] I'd agree that it should be tolerated, but when
I wrote "Mr. 123456" elsewhere I expected that he knows
what it means.  

> *off*-list seems preferable.

Yes, however off list flames would waste energy... <g>


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