Proposal for a new variant subtag of the french language (fr)

Mark Davis mark.davis at
Sat Dec 8 00:13:22 CET 2007

Let me give you a little key for you:

+1 : I agree
-1 : I disagree
LGTM : looks good to me

While I agree that these are a bit geeky, they are actually quite
widespread. For a polyglot like you, shouldn't take more than a few minutes
to learn. I myself really dislike the terms "i18n", "l10n", and so on; so I
don't tend to generate them but that doesn't stop me from recognizing them.


On Dec 7, 2007 2:23 PM, Michael Everson <everson at> wrote:

> At 14:16 -0800 2007-12-07, Doug Ewell wrote:
> >Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:
> >
> >>Why are you all just full of hate?
> >
> >Huh?
> I am really, really, unimpressed by the constant use of "+1" on this
> list. I do not track plus-ones, any more than I track plusses-one,
> and I don't know what cultural milieu it derives from, but it's alien
> to me, and irritating, and it doesn't occur in any of the other
> fields I work with and I've asked this community before not to use it.
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