New script subtags

Michael Everson everson at
Wed Dec 5 08:47:07 CET 2007

At 21:02 -0800 2007-12-04, Doug Ewell wrote:
>On Monday, November 26, 2007 21:12, I wrote:
>>Below are the proposed new and modified records, posted here for a 
>>week before being sent to IANA.  Please review these and send any 
>>comments to the list.
>>Type: script
>>Subtag: Phlv
>>Description: Psalter Pahlavi
>>Added: 200x-xx-xx
>There is an error here.  The ISO 15924 "Notice of Changes" page 
>lists the new alpha code element as 'Phlv' (numeric 132), but that 
>alpha code is already used for Book Pahlavi (numeric 133), which was 
>added in July. All of the other ISO 15924 pages, including the 
>normative plain-text file, show the alpha code 'Phlp' for Psalter 
>Pahlavi, and that is what will be added as a script subtag.

Thanks, Doug. Pasting error. The Notice of Changes document is 
informative, not normative. I've corrected it now.
Michael Everson *

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