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On 22 Aug 2007, at 22:14, scríobh Caoimhín:

> As to "en-scottish" vs. "en-scotland" I don't have a strong opinion.
> But I have a slight preference for "en-scottish" since "Scottish  
> English"
> is a term which is widely used,
> and since "en-england" and "en-wales"
> might never catch on.

I agree.

> I think there is little difference between the likelihoods of
> "en-scottish" and "en-scotland" being misapplied to Scots.


> This is especially so in Scotland itself, where "Scots" is no
> longer a productive adjective and only "Scottish" is used, so
> there little likelihood of "Scottish" being mistaken for "Scots".
> (I believe that "Scots" and "Scotch" survive to some extent as
> productive adjectives in England and the US)

I have come to believe that, too, and also that that survival  
contributes in large measure to the problem of getting clarity via  
largely Ango-American discourse on this and related issues.

> A nasty thought has just occured to me.

Hush. Ná habair é!

> If the original Scottish
> actors did the dubbing, the end result was probably Scottish
> Standard English!  So possibly *both* the original film and
> the dubbed down version are "en-scottish" - just that the original
> was the strong stuff and the dubbed version was much weaker stuff.
> This would be quite normal in Scotland, for people to use strong
> dialect in some situations and much weaker dialect in other
> situations...

I suppose that was asking to be said.

> Whereas for a bunch of Scottish actors to all put
> on English (or American) accents and idioms, they would have to
> either be very very good actors or else they would be regarded as
> a bit looney.  Can you tell use what the film in question was
> and I might be able to check it out?
> Caoimhín

> Caoimhín

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