Fw: m49 code for Scotland?

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FYI... Re m49 code for Scotland; answer from the UN.

Karen Broome

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Fw: m49 code for Scotland?

Dear Ms. Broome,
Both Scotland, and England and Wales don't have official M49 codes. They
both fall under UK, code 826. Inclusion to M49 of sub-national entities 
territories, in this case Scotland,  is determined thru and in 
with the duly recognized member state , i.e. "United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland".
Since they have no M49 codes, they also don't have the corresponding
ISO3166 codes. See item 8 at ISO FAQ site:


The 829 code you refer to are unofficial codes used primarily for internal
coding purposes. Technically, these codes should not be posted at any of
our site.

Virgilio Castillo
UN Statistics Division

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                                                          m49 code for 

To whom it may concern,

I work with the IETF on language codes on behalf of my employer Sony
Pictures. We need a standardized m49 code for Scotland -- if one exists --
in order to define a language variant properly. In some areas of your 
it appears that "829" is the numeric code for Scotland. Could you confirm
or deny that this code exists in the m49 codeset?

Best regards,

Karen Broome
Metadata Systems Designer
Sony Pictures Entertainment

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