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Mon Apr 30 18:31:10 CEST 2007

Doug Ewell  dewell at :
>Comments: The subtag represents Branislau Taraskievic's Belarusian 
>orthography as published in "Bielaruski klasycny pravapis" by Juras 
>Buslakou, Vincuk Viacorka, Zmicier Sanko, and Zmicier Sauka (Vilnia-Miensk 

seems o.k. to me!

(in spite of the criticism [see below],
as I understand it the book is listed
because everyone still knows the language by the name Tarask  . . .
and also by the name "classic" orthography or "classical" orthography;

but it's no problem [as I understand things]
to change the comments field
to say, instead of,
". . . orthography as published in . . . "

"orthography, originally catalogued in . . . "

If of course Jaska wants to make the change???)

--C. E. Whitehead
cewcathar at
* * *

Lars Aronsson lars at
>The above post from Ihar is the first time I see that the 2005 version 
>would be "VERY different" from the 1929 version.  Does that mean somebody 
>will need to register a new subtag for the 1929 version, to tell it apart 
>from the 2005 version?  Are there different newspapers printed in these two 
>sub-sub-versions of Belarusian?  In the light of this, was it perhaps a 
>mistake to use the name of the 1918-1929 author, Mr. Taraskievich, as the 
>basis for the subtag for the 2005 version of the language?

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