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Thu Apr 26 10:52:01 CEST 2007

Michael Everson wrote:
> At 11:06 -0700 2007-04-25, Randy Presuhn wrote:
>> (Even if I would like it better if it were not transliterated.  :-)
> The point of the entry is to enable people to find the book. I did not 
> like Birlәşdirilmiş and I still don't. If the entries 
> were in proper HTML with charset headers it would be one thing.  They're 
> not, and I'd really rather stick with ASCII since that's how primitive 
> the registry format is.
> Now there's something useful LTRU could chew on.

LTRU did chew on it. Attempts to make the registry use UTF-8 as its 
encoding did not achieve consensus in 4646 and again during the current 
revision process. In part, others felt that the entity format was 
sufficient for representing non-ASCII data and that changing the 
registry to permit UTF-8 would make registry maintenance more difficult.

If you want LTRU to chew on something or have an opinion about it, you 
have to correspond on that list and not this one. For my part, I observe 
that the entity format exists to allow registrations with non-ASCII 
characters and that we can/should use the non-ASCII characters when they 
aid in the understanding of the data. Some registry viewer programs, 
such as Richard Ishida's, do the necessary unescaping to present the 
Unicode characters.

I don't have an opinion on this particular item, although I tend to have 
a slight preference for the accents.


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