Jaska Zedlik sub at
Wed Apr 25 12:43:42 CEST 2007

Yury Tarasievich wrote:

>> Buslakou, Juras; Viacorka, Vincuk; Sanko, Zmicier; Sauka, Zmicier.
>> Bielaruski klasycny pravapis. Vilnia-Miensk, 2005.

YT> Now, just couple this with the English translation of the title
YT> ("Belarusian classical orthography"),

Yury, nobody translates the title of a non-English book in references.
Please, see previous other languages registration forms.

YT> end of problem.

The problem won't be solved. Please, reread my last letter about it
(dated April 25, 2007, 12:31:48 PM +0300 UTC).

I think we should stop this struggle and ask somebody, for example the
Reviewer, or other people on this list to make a decision based on the
previous discussion. I can't see how we can come up to the variant
everybody likes. So I would like to be silent on the point of arguing
and Yury, please, don't interfere, I think it was said too much. The
second two-week period is ending this Friday, so I suppose it is
really possible now for the people here to find a decision. Please,
could you be so kind not to prolong this annoying discussion.

Jaska Zedlik

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