Jeremy Carroll jjc at
Tue Apr 24 11:43:13 CEST 2007

I find this position reasonable.

It seems to allow for the word 'classical' to appear in the 
registration, but as a book title; and hence allows us to proceed 
without having to adjudicate on whether that title is or is not an 
appropriate one; an issue with which I suspect the majority on this list 
are severely bored; and I, for one, am not qualified to comment on.


Yury Tarasievich wrote:
> On 24/04/07, Jaska Zedlik <sub at> wrote:
>> Please, let me clarify. The objection is only from non-users. I
> ...
> Good grief.
> Re-iterating:
> 1. I'm Belarusian native speaker, for many years now.
> 2. I'm also informally involved in resolving technical issues of using
> Belarusian on computers, for many years now.
> 3. I *support* registering subtag "-tarask".
> 4. I *object* to putting words "classic orthography" in the comment
> for the subtag, for the reasons provided previously (groupspeak,
> offensiveness).
> 4.1. I *support* putting the *title* of the referenced book, which
> contains the 'holy words', *both* in original and in translated
> version.
> Hope this suits everybody involved.
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