Jaska Zedlik sub at
Mon Apr 23 00:36:09 CEST 2007

DE> I'd like to propose deleting the Comments line, since the "classical"
DE> designation turned out to be controversial and the rest is a duplication
DE> of the Description.

To my mind there is a need to keep reference to the "classical"
because it is another title of the orthography, and probably even more
preferable than Taraskievica, but if the "classic" subtag is not
suitable for the reason of generic name, there should be a notice,
that be-tarask stands also for the Belarusian classical orthography.
Certainly, classical here only means something like the oldest
cyrillic orthography of the Belarusian currently in use and can simply
be consiceded as a title.

Both the titles are neutral, so I think they need to be retained.

Jaska Zedlik

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