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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Fri Apr 13 17:18:01 CEST 2007

At 08:08 -0700 2007-04-13, Mark Crispin wrote:

>Some people want to get the separate copy; they direct their mailing 
>list traffic into an auxillary mailbox for later inspection, but 
>want threads in which they have participated to reach their primary 

I do not understand why I should receive something from you, Mark, 
twice. I am subscribed to the list to get mail from the list.

>Either way, it is a personal preference, and as such properly 
>belongs with the person who has that preference.

I can't do anything about mail that is sent to me twice by other people.

>There are mechanisms in the mail protocols by which headers identify 
>the sender's reply preferences.  I consider it arrogant for a sender 
>to be unwilling to use (or even learn!) how to set these, yet expect 
>me to remember his preferences and manually edit headers in outgoing 
>mail.  I don't respond well to being the recipient of such demands.

For the sake of all the gods featherless and feathered. I am not new 
to e-mail. I would like this list to have settings that did not send 
to me and to the list when other people reply. But I can't change its 
settings. So I have asked members of this list to try to make my life 
a little easier.

I didn't think that was out of line. Now I've spent a whole lot of 
time talking about it.

>With that said, I would be happy to help Michael configure his MUA 
>to indicate his reply-preferences.

My own reply preferences are mine. I prefer to write only to the 
list. What I am asking is for people to not send replies to me and to 
the list as well. I don't see how this has anything to do with my 
reply preferences. I have no trouble replying. I replied to this, and 
edited your name out and moved the ietf-languages address from the CC 
field to the To field, You will get only one copy of my posting.
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