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Addison Phillips addison at
Wed Apr 4 19:01:37 CEST 2007

I think the Comments field is way too long. I also think that the 
Description is too long. The language subtag registry need not contain 
such encyclopedic information. All that is necessary is enough 
information to identify what is meant.

How about:

Description: Unified Turkic Latin Alphabet
Comments: Latin orthography used in the Soviet Union in the 1930s
    for writing Turkic languages. Also called New Turkic Alphabet;
    Birlәşdirilmiş Jeni; Türk
    Әlifbasь; or Jaŋalif


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Michael Everson wrote:
> Concise comments please. Personally I think the comments field is WAY 
> too long and should be edited. It is too encyclopaedic. On the other 
> hand we could leave it alone and get this registered.
> File-Date: 2007-04-04
> %%
> Type: variant
> Subtag: 1926baku
> Description: USSR Latin alphabet, as a reference to Historical Unified
>   Turkic Latin Alphabet used in the Soviet Union (1930s)
> Added: 2007-04-04
> Prefix: az
> Prefix: ba
> Prefix: crh
> Prefix: kk
> Prefix: krc
> Prefix: ky
> Prefix: sah
> Prefix: tk
> Prefix: tt
> Prefix: uz
> Comments: Popularized and widely used in the Soviet Union in the 1930s
>   among Turkic languages as part of USSR-wide policy of introducing
>   Latin-based alphabets in Turkic regions, on the basis of representing
>   equivalent phonemes in a unified fashion. Other names: (a) New (as of
>   1930s) Turkic Alphabet; (b) Birlәşdirilmiş Jeni
>   (1930larda) Türk Әlifbasь (Unified New (as of 1930s)
>   Turk(ic) Alphabet); (c) Unified Turkic Latin Alphabet; (d)
>   Jaŋalif (in Qazan Tatar: abbreviation of "New Alphabet").
>   Mainly meant to be used in historical, and academic discourse, and
>   possibly graphics-based republications of 1930s publications.
> %%


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