policy wrt politics (was RE: be-tarask language subtag registration form)

Yury Tarasievich yury.tarasievich at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 11:40:34 CEST 2007

I understand this may be starting to be tedious to people
disinterested in all this nit-picking going on here. Just say a word.

On 03/04/07, Jaska Zedlik <sub at zedlik.com> wrote:
> YT> There really isn't any separate -Latn variant of the Belarusian
> YT> language (grammar rules etc.), there's an uncodified as of yet Latin
> YT> graphical system.
> Taraskievic published the orthography in the Latin script as well as
> in Cyrillic script. It can be considerad as codification.

As I see it, only the explicit codification may be considered as
codification, but the parallel publishing to another script may not.

Again, as I see it, the "maximum" Latin codification Tarashkyevich
made was 2-3 pages in the 5th (unofficial) edition of grammar, which
was favourably met by Yan Stankyevich in his 1930 review as "first
introduction of Latsinka".

> Besides this there are at least 4 teachbooks with Latin orthography
> by different authors published between 1930th and 1960th.

Well, seeing as the Belarusian schools in Poland were shut down in
1937, these obviously were textbooks of "I propose..." nature. With
different versions of alphabet, too.

V replaced W in the end of 1930s by the initiative of Yan Stankyevich.
Around 1962, he also added G (for all refs to Stankyevich, see 2
volume collection of works, Minsk, 2002).

Again, I don't know what would be made of it by the tag makers.


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