Korean (and Japanese)

Masayasu Ishikawa mimasa at w3.org
Thu Sep 28 11:24:49 CEST 2006

Martin Duerst wrote:

> Speaking about Japanese, I'm quite surprised that we don't have
>     Supress-script: Jpan
> at
>     Type: language
>     Subtag: ja
>     Description: Japanese
>     Added: 2005-10-16
> When something is tagged ja, the assumption is that it's written in
> Kanji-Kana mixture, because that's how Japanese is written.

In many cases yes, but you can find quite a few exceptions.
For example, "Ishikawa" in romaji is Japanese, even if it is
written in Latin script, and I used the language tag "ja" in
quite a few places for that.  With RFC 4646 I could use "ja-Latn"
in that case, but anyway, there's more than one way to write
Japanese and I wouldn't simply assume that "ja" means "written
in Kanji-Kana mixture".

Masayasu Ishikawa

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