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Being a Tatar (OK to call me Bashqort too i guess), and not having lived
in all of these places i'd still like to save a few Languages from
delettion from unicode site, plus a few more comments. Please see my
humble feedback below (i tried to phrase sentences i was less sure about
in a way that wouldn't put my credibility on the line):

Mark Davis yazmış:
> If you are going to do any analysis of the differences, please take a
> look also at my message of
> [ba] ;  Bashkir ;       [Cyrl] ;
The native spelling of the language in English would be: Bashqort.
> [ce] ;  Chechen ;       [Cyrl] ;
This gets into politics, but while Chechen republic was de-facto
independent, AFAIK, the official alphabet was Latn.
> [kaa] ; Karakalpak ;    [Cyrl]
The native spelling is: Qaraqalpaq. Latn has been becoming official
sicne 1991, but according to wiki slower than in Uzbekistan in general.
> [krc] ; Karachay ;      [Cyrl]
The native spelling is: Qarachay. I don't know first hand, but what i'm
reading is Qarachay and Balqar (Malqar) are almost the same (two letters
are different in some suffixes or something like that; probably less
differences than between Tatar and Bashqort), and the name that refers
to both of them is Alan language. Also there are projects of adopting
Latin, but not sure if it's just intelligentsia or majority of
electronic usage, etc.
> ??? ;   Balkar ;        [Cyrl]
I tend to think that Balqar is Qarachay spelling, and Malqar is the
native way to say this. See above for references to Alan language, as a
cumulative name, and Latn topic. Both are fairly intelligible to Tatars.
> ??? ;   Buryat ;        [Cyrl]
Is a variation of Mongol.
> ??? ;   Khakass ;       [Cyrl]
Is a Turkic language, but from what i'm reading there's only 65K
speakers left. Might be endangered.
> ??? ;   Tuva ;  [Cyrl]
Is a Turkic language. I tend to think native spelling in English would
be: Tywa.

P.S. I'll try to keep up if there's more discussion on these, but
forgive me in advance if i miss something. ;)

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