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> In fact, as we look at the possibility of a lot more locale 
> data being compiled for minority/MINEL/pi languages, many 
> of which are found uniquely within one country and may have 
> a limited history of writing in only one script, this issue 
> is potentially significant.
> Thinking of people writing locales, "suppress script" might 
> handle the script issue if inserted into the data before 
> someone without clear understanding of the system can enter 
> in a redundant choice of (default) script. Is there anything 
> like "suppress country" (which sounds more dangerous than it 
> is, given the narrow technical focus here)? 

My initial inclination is to suggest that locales are different beasts than linguistic documents, that region is a key attribute of a locale, and therefore that locales IDs should have different requirements than we place on tags used to declare linguistic attributes of documents, namely that a locale ID must always include a region component as well as a language component.


Peter Constable

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