REQUEST for registration of variant subtag 'grabar'

Michael Everson everson at
Tue Sep 26 15:23:56 CEST 2006

At 15:18 +0200 2006-09-26, Frank Ellermann wrote:
>Debbie Garside wrote:
>>  I hope other members of this list will also comment on this
>I'd support a decision "show rejection by 639, get variant".
>Or depending on how complex that is, and how long this takes
>a decision "show that you seriously tried it" is also fine.
>Obviously "grabar" is a legit "entity" of some kind, the only
>question is what kind of entity, ISO language, IANA language,
>or IANA variant.  At least it's no candidate for an extension.

My ruling stands. There is no community consensus to add the subtag 
at this time. Thread dropped.
Michael Everson *

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