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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Tue Sep 26 15:22:55 CEST 2006

I have told you, Mr Morfin, not to write to me publicly or privately. 
You have done nothing but endeavour to harm this work, and I will not 
respect private messages like the appalling one you have written to 
me here. Every message you write to me will be sent at once to the 
IETF discussion list, as this one is being.

I have my enemies. I suppose it shows that I am doing something 
right. There may be people in IETF or elsewhere who want to sack me 
from my job as language subtag reviewer. They have not said so to me. 
They may do so if they wish. This is not a hereditary monarchy. I 
serve at the pleasure of my colleagues.

I will not allow you to poison the good relationship I have with many 
people involved in this work who *do* respect the work I do. I have 
the unique distinction of being unattached to the corporate side of 
things. A lot of people think that is useful. I suppose it galls some 
of the corporate folk. But we do the best we can.

Not a word of what you say below about ISO 639, ISO 15924, ISO 3166, 
ISO 15897(!), CLDR, ISO/IEC 10646, or Unicode, IETF, GAC, or ICANN 
shows that you have **ANY** idea about the real and positive working 
relationships people involved with these groups actually have and try 
to foster and maintain, even in the face of profound philosophical 

Please. Begone. You are a time-waster. Let us do our work in peace. 
Because I have never seen you offer anything to this effort that 
wasn't an attempt, whether veiled or unveiled, to fuck it up. 
Including the attempt here, to sow seeds of distrust. I will not 
water them.

Michael Everson
RFC 4646 Language Subtag Reviewer until this community says otherwise

At 14:51 +0200 2006-09-26, Jefsey_Morfin wrote:
>Dear Michael,
>let be candid. They are polite in telling it but they all want you
>out and they probably proposed the job to Doug Ewell.
>I am the only one wanting you to stay. For three good reasons. (1)
>because I do not accept they treat you that way whith all what you
>did for them (2) you are a worldwide acknowledge expert of whom most
>[me included] say "I am the only one who like him" (3) stability and
>credibility of the Registry calls for Peter Constable (ISO 639), you
>(ISO 15924) and the ISO 3166 Chair to form a  IANA Languages Joint
>Advisory Committee, outside of the ISO 15897/CLDR, ISO 10646/Unicode,
>TC37/ISO 3166, etc, etc. coopetition. May be with external observers
>from IETF, GAC and ICANN
>My interest is genuinely only interoperability with RFC 4646
>Registries. I do not think they scale, but I think they are here, so
>we have to live with them. The more professional they are the best it
>is. This is why I need a JAC, and I need the IANA to take over
>offering serious ancillary services we can trust. I oppose Harald for
>years on Internet architectural grounds: this has nothing to do with
>linguistic, except that it has an impact on linguistic.
>I would appreciate you acknowledge you read this mail, so I know you
>know what I really think and want to obtain.

Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com

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