Language picking

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Fri Oct 6 12:47:05 CEST 2006

Not bad :-)

But, in this instance, I would add... Display the top 10 languages by
population/speakers followed by others in alphabetical order. 

I think it would be useful to discuss the various uses.  In other words,
look at the end product first.  Which industries do we think will be using
this data and in what way?  For instance, pick lists on web sites for Joe
Public to navigate, the needs of archivists and libraries who may well need
a more linguistic/relational style approach, web designers, software
designers who are interested in ascertaining the locale, etc. etc. Each may
have different priorities. 



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> Well, here's the idea I came up with.  Feel free to pick holes in it.
> First, a list of countries to choose from.  This list is 
> long, but people are used to it, so it shouldn't be a big problem.
> Next, a couple of lists to choose one of (using radio buttons, say):
> the home languages (English for the U.K., e.g.), the 
> indigenous living languages, the dead languages, the 
> immigrant languages.  That nails down the language.
> Then some more lists to choose one of; the generic form of 
> the language (no country code), the form used in the country 
> you picked in the first place, other countries where the 
> language is used, other countries where supposedly it isn't used.
> So you pick US, find English in the indigenous living 
> languages, and then you can pick en, en-us, en-* for likely 
> countries, and then oddities like en-fr, en-dk, etc.
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