Phonetic orthographies

John Cowan cowan at
Mon Nov 27 19:20:54 CET 2006

CE Whitehead scripsit:

> Yes, I'd  think you would just use the tag ar for Written Standard Arabic; 
> it is not dialect-specific;
> for phonetic transcriptions of spoken Arabic, or for a list of words from a 
> particular dialect, you might want to add information about the 
> dialect/variant.

The tag "ar" actually means any or all varieties of Arabic.  In the
next version of BCP 47 (unless the current plan is changed), the more
specific tag "ar-arb" will be available for Standard Arabic specifically
(written or spoken; it is spoken sometimes, as in political speeches),
and other tags such as "ar-arz" (Egyptian Arabic) will also be available.

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