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CE Whitehead cewcathar at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 21 23:43:44 CET 2006

Don't know if I should reply because my knowledge of linguistics is really 
pretty scant in the area of American languages; but I recall in some cases 
that the vowels and consonants are joined in speakers' psychological picture 
of the language (common in languages where there is not much widespread 
literacy) and that the languages are sometimes more properly written as 

Thus would a 5-vowel system be useful in establishing what words mean what 
or are related since the vowels might be more like the rough breathing on p 
or the lack of it in English, they are more phonetic than phonemic units in 
some cases.

You always get into that.  You can transcribe it with vowels, or whatever to 
indicate what you hear (for me, I'd always want to get tapes and get the 
visual voice prints of different syllables to look for a variety of things 
time permitting), but don't you have to do something of an attempt at a 
linguistic analysis of variation in the language, to try to identify stems 
that are related where one word is say a noun and the other a verb or where 
there are two identical words occurring in different environments?

Just wondering?

Like I said I should probably keep my trap shut because American languages 
are not my area of expertise.  Oh well.

--C. E. W.

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>On 21 Nov 2006, at 01:50, scríobh Kenneth Whistler:
>>Yeah, yeah, cute, Mark. Note also that Michael and I, at least,
>>were trained in IPA (and other phonetic orthographies) and
>>made significant professional use of them. So it isn't as
>>if we are babes in the woods here presented with something
>>we've never heard of before, and are making off-the-cuff, uninformed
>>remarks about...
>Fine - suppose we all believe the above claim (which I, personally,  happen 
>to do), then let's suppose we drop Ken and any compatriot of  his choice, 
>who happen to be both equally _literate_ in IPA and  equally _illiterate_ 
>in some endangered language (to make things even  easier, let's make it any 
>indigenous language of the Americas in  which they both happen to be 
>illiterate!) into an indigenous  community, their mission being to write 
>down all possible of that  community's stories and traditional cures in a 
>single week, with all  travel expenses paid?
>How would you like us to tag the results of your week's work, Ken?
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