Wikimedia language codes

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Mon Nov 13 20:29:38 CET 2006

Hi -

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> Subject: RE: Wikimedia language codes
> Above I've cited examples only from Africa - though with ~1/3 of the world's
> language "only" is not of course a minimization of importance. Are there
> points of reference in other regions that might help clarify the issues
> raised?
> Clearly I need to do more reading. I appreciate your patience in responding
> to these kind of questions.

To me it sounds like the information about the languages you cite
should be brought to the attention of the ISO 639 maintenance
agency/registration authority (MA/RA).  If they deny your request(s),
then proceding along the lines of RFC 4646 section 3.6 (first bullet)
would seem to be appropriate.  I think it's safe to say that under RFC
4646bis the same will be true.


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