Reshat Sabiq's requests for two Tatar orthographic variants

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Mon Nov 13 20:30:51 CET 2006

Michael Everson wrote:

> Do you think Wikipedia is a sufficient source

No, that part could be improved, I found a "Radio Liberty"
Web page about it and posted a link here.  That's as far
as I can get, I dont't speak the language, no matter what

Can anybody here make sense of this source found in Wikipedia:

Something citing or written by Reshat:

> I for one need confirmation as to whether it is the
> orthography used in the 1938 dictionary.

 From what I've read it's a rather weird history of various
committees designing scripts.  It would be of course good
if somebody can confirm details of Reshat's reconstruction.

Generally it's what I've heard in the radio report, they
had several interview partners, one of them over 70 years

>> JPAN is also pending for some weeks now.
> I thought we had processed that one!

Did I miss the decision ?  I certainly missed that there's
a new IANA registry with File-Date 2006-10-18, diff.s:

Added script "Rjng"
Added script "Sgnw"
Deprecated   "CS" (good riddance)
Added region "ME"
Added region "RS"
Redundant "en-boont"
Redundant "en-scouse"

Nothing new about JPAN, this should show up in the "ja"
language record as Suppress-Script.


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