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Sun Nov 12 19:22:26 CET 2006

Coming into this a little late in the day... so I may have missed something
Mark wrote:
 > 15924 does not encode just scripts, it also has variants and aliases,
such as:
 > Cyrs, Latf, Latg, Hans, Hant, Syre, Syrj, Syrn   Hrkt, Jpan 
If the totality of any one of these script (variant) tags can be represented
by another (single) script tag (and by that I mean all the characters
represented within the "variant" are also in another single script tag) then
there is precedent for an application to the ISO 15924 RA to register Latp.
As far as I can see from the discussion this is a different application to
those that have already been presented to the RA and the JAC in this respect
(please correct me if I am wrong).
However, I do have some sympathy with Michael as I don't like to see
International Standards bending from their scope too much and script
variants would seem to be out of scope of the standard itself.  I haven't
seen much of a response to Michael's proposal for 


I would like to know exactly what are the perceived problems with this
best regards
Debbie Garside
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