ISO 639 - New item approved - N'Ko

Doug Ewell dewell at
Sun May 28 01:38:08 CEST 2006

This is just a reminder that we have more week to comment on the 
proposal to add the following primary language subtag to the Language 
Subtag Registry:

Type: language
Subtag: nqo
Description: N’Ko
Suppress-Script: Nkoo
Added: 2006-xx-xx

The items to be discussed are (1) the spelling of "N’Ko" with a 
so-called "smart" apostrophe, U+2019, instead of the plain ASCII 
character, and (2) the inclusion of the Suppress-Script field.  The 
addition of the subtag itself is not subject to debate; it reflects an 
addition to ISO 639 (announced by Håvard but still not reflected on the 
official 639 Web site).

So far there have been three voices in favor of item 1 and none opposed, 
and four voices in favor of item 2 and none opposed.

Doug Ewell
Fullerton, California, USA

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