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If CS were to get redefined as "Serbia" (say), then the tags xx-CS will suddenly have a different denotation with a narrower scope. 


I presume there are no differences between Serbian (or other languages) as spoken/written in Serbia vs. Montenegro, so one might try to argue that documents with that tag are still acceptably tagged - in other words, for purposes of language distinctions CS in the context a language tag xx-CS would effectively continue to mean "Serbia and Montenagro". 


Note, though, for people using IETF language tags as locale IDs that that would not be acceptable: CS would absolutely have to mean Serbia and not Montenegro.


The long and short is that I think the best solution, whenever you have a potential situation of a qualifier such as CS taking a narrower scope, is to leave the denotation of that ID as is and to create a new ID for the narrower denotation.



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What next for CS?

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