Guernsey Jersey and Isle of Man ISO 3166-1 Codes

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Thu Mar 30 23:57:00 CEST 2006

It appears that within an updated edition of the ISO 3166 Newsletter that
the remarks against the ISO 3166-1 code GB in relation to the Channel
Islands and Isle of Man have been removed.  I have written to the ISO
Convenor to ask whether the code GB now includes or excludes these

Regardless, I would like to propose that the following comment be added to
the GB subtag:

Comment: see also GG JE and IM


Debbie Garside

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> The worst-kept secret in ISO 3166 history is out:
> 3166/nlv11-div.html
> This newsletter announces the addition of three new ISO 3166-1 code
> elements for Jersey (JE), Guernsey (GG), and Isle of Man (IM).
> The next three messages to this list will be registration requests for
> three new region subtags, for the Language Subtag Reviewer to forward to
> IANA.  These come less than 7 hours after the newsletter was posted on
> the ISO site, a speed record that will probably never be broken.  :-)
> I note that the ISO newsletter contains a curious update to the United
> Kingdom (GB) entry, in which the Remarks field "Includes the Channel
> Islands, the Isle of Man" has been changed to "Includes Jersey,
> Guernsey, Isle of Man."  This would seem to be the same thing in
> different words, and not consistent with adding the three new code
> elements on their own.  Indeed, the text at the bottom of this entry
> says:
> > Description of change: Delete the remark "Includes the Channel
> > Islands, the Isle of Man" (p. 20). Delete the entry for the Channel
> > Islands in Annex A (p. 51). Delete the entry for the Isle of Man in
> > Annex A (p.51).
> with no mention of adding the new remark on what I guess is page 20.
> However, since these ISO remarks do not affect RFC 3066bis region
> subtags, we can ignore them (I just thought it was funny).
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