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Doug Ewell dewell at
Sat Mar 25 20:42:27 CET 2006

Frank Ellermann <nobody at xyzzy dot claranet dot de> wrote:

>>> As for EU if you'd add it silently to the locales... :-)
>                                             ^^^^^^^
>> This list is NOT permitted to do such a thing
>  ^^^^^^^^^
> "This list" isn't about "locales", it's about language subtags,
> and a ":-)" is an emoticon for among others (wannabe) humorous
> remarks.

Sorry, I misunderstood based on the word "you," which I took to mean 
"ietf-languages," which adds subtags, not locales.  Reading again, I see 
"you" probably meant Mark, in his capacity as CLDR Guy.

I further interpreted your smiley :-) as a "winky" smiley ;-) which gave 
me the impression of "just sneak this into the registry and nobody will 
notice."  Again, this was entirely my misunderstanding.  Enough people 
seem not to understand the situation about "EU" that I'm afraid I've 
become a bit touchy about it.

>> I will continue to fight hard against this or any similar
>> proposal that violates the rules of registration.
> I'd support you, but others are free to ignore the registry for
> their _different_ purposes.  If what they do breaks they'll own
> the pieces.

There's nothing we can do about people or documents that claim to follow 
a protocol or standard, but don't really.

> As we've seen with (ab)using ISO 3166-1 codes as
> "stable forever", until we got the CS reminder about what these
> country codes really are.

Which is exactly why we no longer claim that region subtags are 
equivalent to ISO 3166-1 code elements, but rather are "defined... 
according to the assignments found in" ISO 3166-1.  In essence, they're 
"inspired by" ISO 3166-1.  That removes the burden of stability from 
them and puts it on us.

Doug Ewell
Fullerton, California, USA

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