EU redux

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Sat Mar 25 10:14:08 CET 2006

Doug Ewell wrote:

>> As for EU if you'd add it silently to the locales... :-)
> This list is NOT permitted to do such a thing
"This list" isn't about "locales", it's about language subtags,
and a ":-)" is an emoticon for among others (wannabe) humorous

> I will continue to fight hard against this or any similar
> proposal that violates the rules of registration.

I'd support you, but others are free to ignore the registry for
their _different_ purposes.  If what they do breaks they'll own
the pieces.  As we've seen with (ab)using ISO 3166-1 codes as
"stable forever", until we got the CS reminder about what these
country codes really are.
                           Bye, Frank

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