Process Enhancement

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Sat Mar 25 06:35:12 CET 2006

Mark Davis wrote:
> points to the fact that there could be a serious problem,
> like the "jv" code. Once a typo appears, then we can't
> withdraw it without possible instability. A beta registry
> would avoid that .

Okay.  OTOH I'm sure that not only Doug triple checked his
additions + one modification, and it was just Murphy that
IANA took it as three additions.  Addison's idea was to 
"test drive" the system, I guess they now know better that
a modification isn't the same as an addition.

If they really fix the lost el-Latn in the old registry it
requires a (forbidden) late addition to "redundant" in the
new registry.  At some point rules are rules, and you've
to know how to break them without causing serious harm.

As for EU if you'd add it silently to the locales... :-)

                       Bye, Frank

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