Guernsey Jersey and Isle of Man ISO 3166-1 Codes

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The following is an extract of the result of voting received on ISO 3166/MA
N 518 Draft ISO 3166-1 Newsletter V-11 "JERSEY, GUERNSEY and ISLE OF MAN"

It should be noted that this will only become official on the 29th March
2006 when it is published on the ISO web site.


Background of the Vote

On 2005-12-22 the Secretariat of the ISO 3166/MA circulated draft ISO 3166-1
Newsletter V-11 "Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man". The proposal was
submitted by the BSI. The vote closed on 2005-01-27.

Result of the Vote

The vote yielded the following outcome:

0 NO vote,
8 YES votes 

In accordance with the Guidelines for the Maintenance of ISO 3166 the
changes proposed in the draft ISO 3166-1 Newsletter V-11 are accepted by the
ISO 3166/MA. The Newsletter will be published on the ISO 3166/MA Web site on


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