[Ltru] Process Enhancement

Ned Freed ned.freed at mrochek.com
Tue Mar 21 01:18:54 CET 2006

> I think our maintaining the beta file, and then sending the entire file
> to IANA would solve the main issue, AND probably speed up the
> registration process on the IANA side, since it is more work to find the
> place in the file where an entry should go, check that mistakes weren't
> introduced, etc. So if we did the work of maintaining the beta AND
> validating, that would both fix the process issues I am worried about
> and speed things up. So I'm in favor of Addison's revision.

The charsets registory continues to be a huge mess in no small part because
we tried using this approach. I still don't know why it was such a spectacular
failure, but that's where it ended up.

The running code we have therefore indicates this is not the good idea it
appears to be on first inspection.


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