Formal request for explanation of IANA delay

Doug Ewell dewell at
Mon Mar 20 20:26:30 CET 2006

Scott Hollenbeck <sah at 428cobrajet dot net> wrote:

> We also had an IESG telechat last week.  IANA participates in those
> telechats by reviewing (lots of) documents for IANA actions in the
> week leading up to the discussion.  They actually have quite a bit to
> keep them busy.

Fair enough.  Thank you for the quick reply.

Can you, or anyone else, provide a reasonable guess as to when IANA will 
be able to attend to this, and how long (on average) we can expect IANA 
to respond to future submissions?  These IESG telechats appear to take 
place every 2 weeks or so.  That could put a serious dent in getting the 
registry updated on time.

Sorry to be such a pest about this, but this is a really simple clerical 
task.  It would take 10 minutes with a text editor.

Doug Ewell
Fullerton, California, USA

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