Formal request for explanation of IANA delay

Doug Ewell dewell at
Mon Mar 20 18:22:17 CET 2006

I am writing to request a prompt explanation from IANA regarding its 
delay in registering the following seven updates to the Language Subtag 
Registry, defined by RFC-ietf-ltru-registry-14.txt:


As of Monday, March 20, 17:15 UTC, these updates were not reflected in 
the official Registry located at

These registration instructions were submitted to IANA by the Language 
Subtag Reviewer on March 8, twelve days ago, in accordance with Section 
3.3 of RFC-ietf-ltru-registry-14.txt.  They reflect changes in the 
underlying ISO 639-1 and 639-2 standards; the Registry is required to 
keep pace with such changes.  As with all such instructions, there is no 
administrative decision to be made by IANA except to insert the updates 
in the Registry as described in Section 5.1 of 
RFC-ietf-ltru-registry-14.txt.  This is a purely clerical task.

RFC-ietf-ltru-registry-14.txt does not specify a time frame by which 
IANA must act on registration submissions from the Reviewer.  However, 
keeping the Registry updated in a timely manner is paramount to the 
success of the language tagging process described in the RFC, and one of 
the main motivations for the LTRU project that created it.  An 
unexplained delay of nearly two weeks for this task does not seem 

If this request for action and/or explanation by IANA may only be made 
by the Reviewer, in accordance with Section 3.2, then I ask that the 
Reviewer make this request on my behalf.

I expect that IANA will be able to explain the delay promptly and 
satisfactorily, and that it will not foreshadow an ongoing pattern with 
regard to its maintenance of the Registry.

Doug Ewell
Fullerton, California, USA
Editor, RFC-ietf-ltru-initial-06.txt

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